The Moorings

Harbour a Brilliant Life

An Exclusive Collection of Eight Waterfront Luxury Homes

Presenting The Moorings, an exclusive collection of eight residences boasting a private marina pen at the heart of the coveted Northern Beaches. The privileged few who call this haven home enjoy a life of boundless luxury, where every sunrise is painted with golden hues on tranquil waters, and every sunset is a masterpiece.

With a deep respect for the beauty of Pittwater, Scott Carver’s designs blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment, inviting the serenity of the waterfront into every room. Here, the allure of serene bay inlets, bustling marinas and picturesque local landmarks harmoniously coexist, creating a coastal lifestyle that is as cherished as it is unmatched.

- Waterfront views
- Open plan living spaces
- Generously sized Bedrooms
- Built-in Wardrobes
- Outdoor terraces & courtyards
- Custom Joinery
- Warm Timber Accents & Locally Sourced Stone



The Moorings





Each residence at The Moorings affords you the extraordinary privilege of direct access to your personal 25-30 metre berth at the precipice of the alluring Pittwater and Northern Beaches. With lots up to 1000m2 available, you have the enviable choice to craft a residence in close collaboration with renowned architect Scott Carver and esteemed developer Fenbury, bringing your waterfront dream to life through a bespoke service from commencement to completion.

At the heart of The Moorings’ design philosophy is the superb fusion of functional day-to-day living features with thoughtfully-placed characteristics of sophistication. Each aspect of every residence pays homage to the waterfront lifestyle that has thrived here for generations.

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Nestled on the sheltered southern shores of Sydney’s exclusive Northern Beaches, Newport thrives. This tranquil haven, once known as the Sirsi Marina, now stands as a testament to Newport’s maritime legacy. 

In Newport’s village, time moves at its own unhurried pace, inviting you to set your worries aside and appreciate each moment. The village is a sanctuary for connoisseurs of life’s finer pleasures, boasting a curated selection of boutiques, fine dining and charming local cafes. You can savour waterside dinners at the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, spend evenings swaying to live melodies at the Royal Motor Yacht Club Beaches, indulge in culinary delights at the revered Bert’s, and sip sun-soaked cocktails at The Newport. 

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Pittwater has drawn beach and surf enthusiast to its serene shores since the 1950s, when it was a port for steamers. To this day, it retains its charm with curated shops, a laid-back lifestyle, lush greenery, and a welcoming community. It is these influences that make The Moorings more than just a home; it is a symbol of prestige. An invitation to sail into a world where remarkable beauty meets luxurious exclusivity, and the rhythm of life is set to the gentle cadence of the sea.

Just 40 minutes from the bustling heart of Sydney’s CBD, Newport embodies the spirit of the Northern Beaches, offering a unique fusion of natural beauty and seaside tranquillity.

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Innovative, collaborative, and committed to pushing boundaries in the world of construction and urban planning, Fenbury is dedicated to creating state-of-the-art residences. We reimagine what iconic living looks and feels like while respecting the unique character of the local settings. We do this by blending cutting-edge visual designs with sustainability and functionality to craft spaces that are distinctive and stand as true works of art.

Scott Carver

Scott Carver embodies refined influence, seamlessly merging sophisticated design with insightful practices. Their creations elevate the human experience, enrich communities, and foster prosperity. Grounded in user-centric principles and propelled by ambition, they challenge conventions, ensuring better opportunities and enhanced experiences for all. Through collaborative design, Scott Carver blends diverse perspectives to craft transformative environments that redefine standards with understated elegance.

Domain Projects

Domain Projects represents the epitome of exclusivity in real estate, specialising in delivering high-end luxury residences to the esteemed Northern Beaches. Since their inception in 1996, their team has worked alongside the finest architects, interior designers, developers and builders to ensure every property sold adds the utmost sophistication to the coveted Northern Beaches community.

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